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Terms of use This Agreement is intended to regulate the relationship between the user and the copyright holder of the Internet portal l2highfive.ru The l2highfive.ru project, hereinafter referred to as the "Administration", invites you, hereinafter referred to as the "Users", to familiarize yourself with the Rules of the game and the project. 1. General Provisions 1.1 Website of the Game — l2highfive.ru 1.2 Operator - the copyright holder of the l2highfive.ru portal, is a party to the User Agreement. The operator performs administration and maintenance, provides users with access to the portal, services (also paid services), on the terms of this agreement. 1.3 User - an individual visiting the portal or taking part in the projects of the l2highfive.ru portal 1.4 Portal - special hardware and software systems hosted on the Operator's resources. Access of Users to the portal is carried out only by the Operator. All rights to use this portal belong exclusively to the Operator. 1.5 Services - providing Users with access to the Portal, using features and services, participating in projects on the terms specified by the Agreements. The Operator's services are provided free of charge. The only exceptions are Additional Paid Services. All Services are provided by the operator only within the Portal, i. during its use by the User. 1.6 In order to comply with the technological process of access to the Game Process, the User uses - auxiliary software (including the means of technical protection embedded in it), which is necessary for downloading / making actual changes to the Game Client in order to comply with the technical parameters of the Game Process. 1.7 Additional Paid Services - providing the User with additional special features of the Portal for a fee. These services are not mandatory and are provided at the request of the User. Paid Services are also provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal. 1.8 The game account, characters, items are the property of the project and do not represent a personal property right. 2. Subject of the Rules 2.1 This document establishes the Rules, only under which the User has the right to use the Services in order to participate in the Game Process. 2.2 In accordance with the terms of these Rules, the Administration provides the User with the opportunity to use the Game around the clock, except for the time of maintenance work and the occurrence of other circumstances that prevent the User from accessing the Game. 3. Additional terms 3.1 For the proper use of the Services, the User must comply with the minimum system and technical requirements for equipment. 3.2 The Administration does not return game valuables lost due to the loss of access to the account by the User. However, the Administration may, at its discretion, return the game values ​​lost by the User in cases of an error, failure, hacking or other malfunction of the server software. 3.3 The administration is not responsible for the loss of game values ​​in case of untimely updating of the game client through the updater. The player undertakes to carry out each launch of the game through an updater in order to avoid errors. 3.4 The administration does not exchange game values ​​for real money. 4. Rights and obligations of the User 4.1 When registering, the User chooses a nickname, login, password, which will allow the User to be identified among other Users of the Services. The User is obliged to provide the Administration with reliable Registration data. 4.2 With the permission of the Administration, the User has the right to change his password. At the same time, the User is obliged to independently ensure the non-disclosure (secret) of his password and other necessary data and, accordingly, is responsible for the failure to save and disclose his password, as well as all the risks (losses) associated with this. 4.3 The User is not entitled to "resale" the services provided by the Administration to third parties and derive any other benefit from them. 4.4 The User does not have the right to distribute information aimed at illegally obtaining passwords for access to the characters of the Game, as well as distribute links to sites with such information. 4.5 The User undertakes to respectfully and correctly treat other Users and the Game Administration, namely: - do not use profanity in public game chats and forums; - do not threaten violence and physical violence; - not distribute in any way materials that promote or express rejection or hatred of any religion, culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, ideology or social movement; - do not directly or indirectly advertise porn sites, drugs and resources containing such information, including, but not limited to: do not post materials with pornographic images imperfectly

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